A virtual research environment for the Neotropical Strumigenys

About us

The Neotropical Strumigenys environment is a collaborative effort. Researchers working with the genus in the Neotropical region provide information directly to the database or indirectly through publications.

We are currently populating the site with taxonomic data, but already have an up-to-date list of species recorded for the Neotropical region.

How to Reuse Content and Cite NeoStrumi:

NeoStrumi content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. We encourage use of data and information available at NeoStrumi.

To cite NeoStrumi as a whole:

NeoStrumi (2021). A knowledge base for the Neotropical Strumigenys. Available at Accessed 18 February 2021.

When using speficic data and/or information derived from a formal publication (for example, when using distribution records available at some taxonomic manuscript), we strongly encourage the user to cite the original source. 

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